Updated Capsule now constantly reboots

Hello I have a Capsule II projector and tonight I installed the latest firmware update hoping to fix the problems with casting to the nebula. After the firmware installed the projector goes into a sort of boot loop, it comes up and appears to work fine but then after about a minute it will display the nebula logo and then reload the home screen.

Has anyone else had this?

So your saying I shouldn’t update my Capsule 2?? Ha sorry no I haven’t experienced this, hopefully someone from Anker will be around to help you shortly.

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Might want to wait for others to see how their experience went.

I finally got into the settings and did a reset before it restarted itself. Now it seems to be working properly again so it may have been a fluke with mine.

So if anyone else has this issue just go into settings and device preferences, reset is at the very bottom.


Great advice and glad fixed. I was going to give you the time tech help advice. “Did you restart it yet”. Lolol

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Ha I read right passed the 1 minute lag portion. I thought it was restarting as soon as the home screen loaded. Glad you were able to resolve the issue.

You solve the problem by yourself!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: