[Updated] Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2018

Well guys, that keynote was pretty underwhelming. Software updates to all four platforms, but no sign of any hardware. We’ll have to wait for early September (new iPhones, Apple Watch) and late October (new Macs, iPad Pro X) for the good stuff.

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With Apple’s WWDC 2018 event being less than 5 days away, speculation is rapidly increasing as to what we can expect. Here’s a rundown of the latest rumors.

1. Software: iOS 12, macOS 10.14 (Mojave?), tvOS 12, watchOS 5

Apple regularly introduces major updates to all four of their software platforms at WWDC, and this year should be no exception.

2. New MacBook

Apple’s 13" MacBook Pro without Touch Bar is likely to be upgraded, possibly get rebranded to just MacBook, and experience a price drop. Apple’s 12" MacBook is likely to receive a similar treatment. Apple may also decide to drop the price of the rest of the MacBook Pro lineup before a refresh this fall. We also expect Apple to finally kill off the MacBook Air.

3. Updated iMacs

Apple’s entire iMac lineup is likely to see upgrades. Most of the changes should be internal, and the design will likely remain mostly the same. :frowning: iMacs will probably see a redesign (featuring reduced bezels and Face ID) next year.

4. Major Siri Improvements

Apple’s virtual assistant is quickly falling behind competitors (especially Google Assistant) and is in dire need of an upgrade if Apple wants to catch up.

#Now onto the less certain, but still possible announcements:

5. iPhone SE 2

The iPhone SE hasn’t seen an upgrade (other than storage adjustments) since it debuted back in March of 2016. If Apple plans to keep this phone size alive, a refresh now makes since.

6. 2018 iPad Pros

While more likely to launch later this year, it’s possible Apple will announce new iPad Pros with Face ID and further reduced bezels (though an OLED display seems unlikely).

What are you hoping Apple announces at WWDC on Monday? Of course, we may also see some small changes to Apple’s subscription services. Regardless of what happens, I plan on watching the live stream (the keynote starts at 10:00 AM PT and usually lasts a couple of hours), and will try to reply here with the most significant announcements as the event goes down to keep you all up to date!


I would like to see an update to the SE as well. These phones make a great backup phone. But with a new version we will also see a price hike.

Once the new phones come out the gen 1 will drop and make it an even better option for a backup phone.


I’m hoping to see the smaller HomePod speakers that have been rumored. I’m also interested to see what’s new in iOS 12!


I’m looking forward to seeing if they do an SE 2, along with an X Plus or 11. The SE model was a great entry level iPhone (and I just ditched mine for an 8 Plus), so it’d be nice to see them continue with that one. I’m also curious if they do anything with the notch of the X, and if they start going full screen/no bevel for all of their models from here on out.

Sure would be nice to see them finally license out the Lightning-to-USB C cables, too, but that’s not the kind of thing I expect them to announce at WWDC.


I always run the very first beta on my primary device (through unofficial, sketchy methods :laughing:) even though I probably shouldn’t… :flushed:

As far as the HomePods, I doubt we would see additional models this soon, possibly later this year, but most likely even further down the road. I suppose they could do another sneak peek and then release several months later… :unamused:


Hoping they’ll fix the keyboard issues with new MacBooks.

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I do love an Apple Event and will also be watching.
If the rumours are right we will see the SE 2. Plus hopefully iOS 12 with some nice tweaks. Even if we can just get organise icons.

Siri defo needs an upgrade as others have said but I doubt it will happen. There is supposed to be a big iOS change in iOS 13 so will prob happen there.


It will be interesting to see the new things that are coming out. Not really looking to buying anything new by Apple.

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Always look forward to seeing what Apple has in store for the conference…especially with Siri.


I got bored of apples conference last year, hopefully this year will be different. Not that I will be buying any apple products, I just like to follow everything.


I have SE 128gb as my main phone. Love the battery life and size. Got for $99 brand new (in xfinity mobile deal) :grinning:

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Thanks for sharing. :smiley::smiley:

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really hope this year Apple would knock it out of the park but I doubt it will

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I think we will see some nice stuff but nothing earth shattering like the MacBook Air or first iPod / iPad / iPhone launches…Apple seems to be doubling down more on iPhone (which is their main source of profit) so their previous core products are now often left several years behind in specs compared to others, the only thing that keeps people tethered is the ecosystem which they like…

As for software, again I think were looking at minor improvements to the current core ecosystems, iOS 13 & 10.15 will no doubt bring more features to the table…

It needs it, it’s not that far away from a burial…in fact it perhaps should have been already based on some comments :laughing:


Latest reports from Bloomberg here.


I loved my macbook air 11 inch. Shame they did away with that one.

I hope that apple will fix iOS 11. So they will not have to publish so many updates in the future. An iPhone SE would be nice and a statement about the butterfly keyboard too. I mean with it that they see it as an issue which they will replace with even expired warranty

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I really need an updated Mac Mini! Its not updated since 2014…

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It would be mostly software updates rather than hardware similar to previous years.