UPDATED 5/20: SoundCore Pro (NEW) Deal - Won't Last Long

Anker finally officially released their SoundCore Pro. This is their first new Bluetooth speaker in quite some time. A couple people have already purchased it in their local Walmart stores. Reportedly, it costs $100 there. On Amazon, it is currently available for $90 (the pictures have just been updated and the product description looks correct). For updated pictures and additional information, view the Anker product page here.

But, you can find it much cheaper on eBay RIGHT NOW (if you’re fast). A seller with a 99.6% positive feedback rating currently has it listed at $49!!! Heck, you may be able to resell it at that price, but it sounds like it’s a pretty good speaker. It’s up to you, but seems like an incredible deal. Of course, it will almost certainly be short-lived, but I would jump on it now if I were you! There is only one available.

There is also an active auction that is currently at $40. You can view it here.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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is the seller you???

Nope, haha.

Thanks for sharing but it prompts

What would be the differences between this and the Sport XL? I see the two have different ratings, IP67 Sport XL vs IPX4 for the Pro

Main differences from a quick look at the spec between the two, apart from design are;

Sport XL

IP67 Waterproof (fully protected from dust and can also withstand being submerged in 1m (3.3 feet) of static water for up to 30 mins)
16w audio (from x2 8w audio drivers)
Bluetooth 4.1
15h playback


IPX4 - Water resistant (protection from water splashes in any direction for at least 5 minutes)
25w audio (from 4 drivers) with deeper bass
Bluetooth 4.2
18hr playback

Both have built-in mic, aux port and ability to charge USB device like a phone / iPod.


So basically the Pro has more watts and a few other odds and ends, but the Sport XL is fully dust/water proof as per the ratings

Yes, going from the current information. They must have made some tweaks since the original FCC manual as that listed the speaker as 20w from x2 10w drivers.

If your after full water / dust proofing the Sport XL is the one to go to at present as the new Pro and rumored upcoming Select/Boost models only have IPX4 and IPX5 ratings


Great for entertainment outside, including neighbors

The Pro would also probably be fine outside!

Hopefully another discount code will show up soon for the Sport XL. The hardcase is another story

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I won a sportXL and gave it to someone, it moves between bedroom and bathroom and gets damp near shower.

The owner seems very pleased.

Personally despite having access to all of this technology I still end up using the Nano. Because I keep it near and it complements in ear like the soundbud slim.

I won a SoundCore mini and for the size, produces excellent sound quality. I know some electronics don’t like tempatures below 40°F. The XL would take care of me carrying a speaker and a charger around outside.

I have the Mini too, I think it won it too, and agreed, it is amazing sound for its size.

This relates to what you are doing, the Mini for me produces too much bass when I’m just listening to voice. The Nano is just-right for common situations. My Mini ended up going to a school assistant and the kids just dance in class through it, the thought of which fills me with joy.

At least the kids won’t be disappointed with the technology

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thanks for always sharing these deals

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No prob my man.

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