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As far I see while many of our family members over the pond are sleeping
you made it so far. :grinning:
Weekend is coming, all should enjoy it and stay in good health!

Greetings from München



Good morning from Texas. I have to work Saturday but at least I’m finally starting to get some hours at work again and I have Sunday off to spend time with the family.

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Good afternoon from München Bavaria. :smile:
Being together with your family is really the best what you can do,

Greetings Franz.
We hope you and the family are in good health too :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:

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Same to you friend!

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Next week I will celebrate a very!! special birthday.
But no party → lockdown :mask:

So I bought for me a sixpack of a special beer : “Doppelbock”


Looks very nice. I don’t see many dopplebock here, and really only the odd bock.

Hope it’s tastes yummy!

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Those “Doppelbock” have to be treated very carefully.
One before going to bed is absolutely enough.:grin:

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I couldn’t see, what is the % alc, ABV?

The imperial porter I have once in awhile is in around 13%

So yes, very slow and singular beverage before bed.

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Not so strong!
But there could be different alcohol declarations in CA and DE.
I dont know.
I remember about US using “proof”

The label says : 7,6%

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That would be very similar to my stout and dunkel s I’ve been enjoying recently.

I think the proof rating is for hard liquors maybe?

80proof = 40% abv

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Could be, I really dont know.
I am not so familiar with Schnaps!

I will tell you about the beer , when I will open and try it
at my lockdown birthday celebration next week.
Too bad, should have been a really great party, but not possible.

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Seeing your beer reminds of the 5 stouts from a local brewery sitting in my fridge that I might just have to open tonight after work.

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