UPDATE Soundcore Wakey Wakey Review

UPDATE - photos and comments on the brightness of clock LED’s.

Hey guys.

I was lucky enough to win a Wakey in last months draw and thought it would be nice to add a brief review and some photos.

First impressions;
It has a nice feel and finish with the white exterior and the grey cloth on the front.

A soft rubber ring on top to support your phone for wireless charging.

Then I opened the accessories and found a MASSIVE power supply, this is ridiculously large, if you are looking plug it in behind a bedside cabinet etc, forget it, this is 9cm deep.
Also on this point the power lead and FM antenna plugs are straight, so again, this won’t sit close to a wall.

Setting up;
Downloading the Soundcore app was easy as was connecting to the Wakey via Bluetooth.

The time sets automatically from your phone and it will follow the phones time format when it comes to 12 or 24hr.
Functions can be controlled from the device but so far I’ve done everything from the app.
Auto, which is basically the brightness and LED control.
The display is bright even on the lowest setting, I’m hoping in future firmware releases there are lower settings to select from.

Alarm, you can set different alarms for different days on the week and you can set quantity and length of the snooze function.

FM radio, I would have preferred to see DAB or no radio if I’m honest.
More than 50% of people on the UK accessing radio digitally.

Superior sleep, this is an interesting addition. At first I didn’t see the point but it’s a nice relaxation tool.

Firmware, this can be downloaded and installed easily via the app.

Sounds pretty decent I would put it slightly behind the Soundcore Boost.
It has good volume, goes louder than you would ever need for a bedside radio.

I agree with most of the Amazon reviews. The display is too bright to be a bedside clock, even on the lowest setting.
But it’s clear and easy to read.

Quick charge wireless on top with 2 x USB on the back - again if you use these don’t expect it to sit against a wall.
Both works flawlessly.

A touch bigger than the Soundcore Boost that was sitting beside my bed already.

Good charger, clear display, great sound and easy to use.

Display to bright, charger way to big, DAB or internet radio would have been better. For me the cables would have been better connecting on one side or at least have the power and FM antenna plugs made at right angles.

Here’s a couple of shots with the lights out :wink:

Close shot at low brightness,

Close shot at full brightness,

Shot from the foot of the bed on low brightness,

Shot from the foot of the bed on high Brightness,


Excellent review @paulstevenewing! Thanks for sharing it with us!

I will be leaving a review for this speaker in the next few weeks/months

Feel free to leave this review on the soundcore collective as well :+1:

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Good job on the review, especially the pictures showing the size for the charger as well the size for the actual wakey

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Thanks @TechMan
I posted a link to this over on Soundcore.

Thanks @ikari04warrior
I was shocked at the size of the power supply.
I thought they had put a PowerPort 5 in the box by mistake :flushed:

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Thank you Paul.
Good work as usual! :grinning:

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Thought it’s only fair to give a little review as I got it for free.

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Awesome review! Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Cheers @Shenoy, glad you enjoyed it.

A free PowerPort would’ve been great! Lol

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Too many free donations would have confused him definitely ! :rofl:

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@ikari04warrior Yes it would have been.
@Chiquinho I think I could handle it :joy:

Good job with the review and pics. I agree, the power plug seems huge! Especially for today. Did you have any issues seeing the time? I wasn’t digging the overall look of the Wakey when it was first announced, now seeing the plug… I’m definitely not digging it at all. I hate to say that the Wakey looks dated.

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Hey @Nhi
Glad you liked the review.
If the power supply needed to be that big it would have been better if it had a cable going to a regular plug so you could plug it in behind a cabinet or draws etc. Like the Powercore chargers.
I don’t mind the overall look, might be one of those things that looks better in the flesh.

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Great Review, thanks for sharing :grin:

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Hi @Thanuj_Fernando
Glad you liked it :+1:t2:

@paulstevenewing for the FM radio and other features, do you need to use the app all the time OR it is only for setup?

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What do you mean by other features?
To my understanding you can only use saved FM stations on the app and there is no physical shortcut button
Edit: You can toggle the radio and search for stations without the app

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Radio, White Noise, Night Mode, Station Tuning,

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Man, that power supply…what were they thinking when they designed that thing? At least turn the plug 90 degrees so it can even think about sitting somewhat flush against a wall.

As it is now, one would need to plug it into an extension cord with a flush/flat wall plug…but maybe that was their idea behind it.

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