Update Soundcore Nano?

Do you think Soundcore should make a new Soundcore Nano? If you think so, what kind of improvements or new features would you like to see?


I have 2 major points in my nano wish list:

  1. Smaller !
  2. More power :slight_smile:
    I know that those 2 are kinda on the opposite sides but one can dream right?

Also 48 hr battery life with usb c pd power bank function will be real fantasy too :slight_smile:

If you throw a projector in it … oh wait … that would be nebula capsule 2 or 3 then …

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I want better battery life :muscle: and usb-c. PLEASE UPDATE THE NANO SPEAKER ANKER :raised_hands::pray:


8 hour battery
Ability to pair with another Nano

This would probably put it in the 30 to $40 price range which I would be happy to pay for such a portable feature packed speaker.


Waterproofing, definitely! And maybe a tad more bass…

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[quote=“TechnicallyWell, post:5, topic:62365, full:true”]
And maybe a tad more bass…
[/quote]That may be asking a bit too much from a speaker with such a small driver and small physical size.:smirk:

With a very slightly bigger design and restructured internals, who knows :grin:


  1. don’t make it much bigger
  2. waterproof
  3. a little more bass
  4. USB-C
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