Update 4.20 soundore liberty air2

hello guys, I have a problem, I just receved the earpods and I have an update to do. Problem the update stop at 70% and can’t go over even when I reset the earpods or do the update with an other device. I contacted the support and they don’t want to refund me or give me new ones. So I’m blocked I can’t use the app wich is sad.
Do you any way to change that please ?
it’s a shame that I can’t use the app
thanks all for the answers


Sounds like you need to reset them and then repair to your phone and then do the update. Almost l issues users have had with the updates come from the earbuds not being paired to the phone properly and a reset fixes that


Hello thx for the awnser, I already tried this twice and just redone it, but it doesn’t change, it still doesn’t work. Maybe I don’t pair them properly ? How can I know ? When i listen to music the two works and are connected. Any other ideas ?

Follow the instructions Here it applies to the liberty 2 pro and liberty air 2