[Upcoming Release] PowerConf+

Anker is preparing to release yet another version of its popular conference speakerphone… Take a look at PowerConf+!

Features & details

  • 360° Coverage: 6 microphones arranged in a 360° array pick up voices from all directions to instantly transform any space at home or the office into a meeting room.
  • Smart Voice Enhancement: PowerConf+ Bluetooth speakerphone (with dongle) utilizes a custom DSP algorithm to optimize your voice in real-time and effectively reduce background noises.
  • Optimized Clarity and Volume: Your voice is automatically balanced to make up for differences in volume and distance from the Bluetooth speakerphone (with dongle).
  • Perfect For Home Offices: PowerConf+ can be connected to your computer via the included Bluetooth dongle or a USB-C cable. Also, connect to your phone using Bluetooth. PowerConf+ is compatible with all popular online conferencing platforms.
  • 24 Hours of Call Time: A built-in 6,700mAh battery gives you the option to go wireless and hold meetings virtually anywhere. Integrated Anker PowerIQ technology allows you to charge other devices via PowerConf+ Bluetooth speakerphone at optimized speeds.

Pricing and Availability: Anker’s PowerConf+ will be available to order from amazon.com soon. Feel free to speculate the potential cost.
Are you interested in Anker’s upcoming PowerConf+? Be sure to let us know with a reply!

The dedicated dongle for connection is the one single best part of this PowerConf and should resolve all connection issues and make it most adopted conference spraker​:ok_hand::+1:

Price should be $99.99 but knowing the way prices are planned, this may be $129.99 ~$150

Better late into the dongle, but it’s never too late!! Good work AnkerTeam @AnkerOfficial

Thanks for sharing @Insider

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So the BT dongle was


One of the items that I would have been curious to try out in the work office, but haven’t been there for 5 months now lol.


I’m guessing the price will be around $130

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PowerConf+ will be a better option than PowerConf or S3, because of the dongle, and I feel Anker must make it standard and provide the dongle option for the other 2 model ( i need one too) – Feedback to @Ankerofficial @AP_Gotzon Anker Team

Bluetooth dongle gives device freedom to PowerConf to connect beyond the Laptops… Example - the PowerConf can now be connected directly to Cisco phones on USB port. (Earlier too i could do it… But is a pain with Bluetooth pairing, and connecting the BT connection each time on the Cisco IP PHONE)

Most popular business headset brands such as Poly (previously called Plantronics), Jabra, Cisco etc have Bluetooth headsets with Dedicated dongle. This makes them ready for use without worrying about BT pairing headache / frustration.

Anker, by adding a dongle for connection is doing a great service by reducing frustration for users with BT pairing. Gives plug and play support with the dongle.

I missed out on it by buying the PowerConf early. Now feel I should have waited… Well, I used it and its been my best device yet for work from home.

Additionally, Anker / Soundcore should do a guided setup for speakers / Headsets via the app,( as a feature request) mentioned here

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Would a bluetooth dongle remove compatibility, could it be used without it?
I’m thinking of mobile phone and tablet use which is where my PowerConf gets most of its use.


I have headsets with BT dongle, connected to Cisco phones, and these work perfectly well. It removes the compatibility issues … have all of the brand headsets listed above connected via USB-C adapter to Google Pixel, and these work flawlessly.

You may connect the PowerConf to your S20 via the USB-C Adapter, will work like a charm! will drop a video later… (part of my review for powerconf… coming soon!!)



Never thought of using a lead to connect to phone, i always go Bluetooth and it seems to work a treat, more convenient and looks tidier on a desk/boardroom table.
It would be a shame if it removed some Bluetooth availability by limiting to the dongle alone for Bluetooth.


Bluetooth availability would always be available, i don’t think the BT functionality is going to be touched.

Anker is adding more options for connectivity, one less thing to worry about… just plug the dongle, boom! Powerconf is ready … similar to the cable. Though I feel there will be initial hiccups, and with some tweaks / updates, it should be stable


The dongle appears to be a separate product if it is the same as the FCC item, so what you ask may be possible as a retrospective purchase for existing Powerconf.

Anker should confirm/deny.

Cool, thats good then @Shenoy
I thought the dongle might have been a compulsory thing :+1:t2:

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If the price is right $9.99~$14.99, I will definitely buy it, hope they dont make it like “Buy New Powerconf+ to enjoy more flexibility” thing :rage:

Dang! I just bought powerconf last week XD
Anyway, what is the suggested no of pax it work best with?

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Hi all,

So is the difference between all versions only the Bluetooth dongle?

Beyond simple pairing is there any other reason to get the plus model?