Up to 40% OFF?! You're not dreaming

For those who don’t get the emails, these are some pretty good deals.

PowerCore Speed 20000 PD
PowerPort Wireless 10
PowerPort Speed PD 5

PowerLine+ USB-C to USB 2.0
PowerLine+ Lightning

Tempered-Glass Screen Protector

Premium Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Soundbuds Surge
Bolder LC90 2-Cell Flashlight

All deals expire midnight PT tomorrow night.

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So many deals, nice sharing. :grinning:

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So I have noticed recently that some items on Amazon.com will now ship to Canada. Trouble is when I click the link above for the power port wireless 10 the price that comes up is different than the $18.19 and the list price is way more.
To top it off the dollar amount is in US $ so I would have to pay approx 20% more in Canadian $…

Or I could buy it on Amazon.ca and pay this ridiculous price

The discount shows up after you type in the code when you are checking out.

So for your wireless charging pad use the code Anker569

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Yup, just call me dumba$$ . Works like a charm. Thanks

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Nah you are good. I actually didn’t notice it till you said something and I looked again.

I’ve noticed that dollar prices instead of being different due to exchange rates, just swap the monetary symbol

$15.99 becomes £15.99

If that was altered by the exchange rate it would be (approx) £10 (GBP)

£15.99 exchanged the other way, is (approx) $26

Being as it’s (approx) $1 or £0.60

Is the Karapax Silk case a mistype? It says “iPhone X” but the camera is more like a 6/7/8.

The picture is just for show, once you click on the link it brings you to the iPhone X case which is proper for its camera

Agree. Most likely not intentional / mistake by Anker.