Up to 35% off on Amazon, US only

This popped up in my email this morning, and I had to remind myself that I do not need another lightning cable. The deals are good through tomorrow.

Astro E7: 20% off (ANKERAE7)
PowerCore+ mini + 3ft lightning cable: 20% off (ANKERBB4)
PowerWave 7.5 Stand: 20% off with coupon
PowerPort Mini: 20% off (ANKER262)
PowerDrive 2: 20% off (ANKER263)
Premium Double Braided Lightning Cable (3.3 ft): 25% off (CABLELTN)
4-port USB-C to USB 3.0 Date Hub: 25% off (ANKERC85)


Nice, thanks dood. Might pick up some of those lightning cables


Hoping for Canada fall sales. :raised_hands:


Nice deals! thanks for sharing!!


I was very close to buying another lightning cable–I have a very hard time resisting those double braided ones when they’re a good price, but I picked one up during Prime Day to go with the other 3 or 4 (of varying sizes) that I already have. I must exhibit some self-control, though.

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