Unveiling eufy’s mystery product - eufy EverCam now live on Kickstarter!

Hate getting robbed? Love solving mysteries? Installing a security camera might seem like an obvious answer, but only 3 out of 10 homes have any sort of security device set up. And, as basic as a security camera system might seem, you’ll be surprised to know that many cameras on the market present more problems than solutions.

Now eufy EverCam provides you ONE SOLUTION that cures all headaches!

Infused with Anker’s cutting-edge battery technology, eufy EverCam is built from the ground up to offer the best of all worlds: 365-day battery life, easy installation, face recognition, totally wire-free, weatherproof and many other awesome features!

Act fast! Demand is bigger than we expected, and the discounts are flying off the shelf. :grinning:


Seems like what I have been waiting for! I have a few questions that I am curious about (even after reading the article on kickstarter)

Any chance there is a discount for paying for subscription in full (yearly rate for example) rather than 3$ monthly costs?

While there is local storage, can that be viewed in the app without the subscription? (edit/delete as well)?

Also, any potentially IFTTT integration? (Pair with August = Lock door if unknown face or LIFX and HUE turn on lights if unknown face?) *Saw as a FAQ stretch goal just curious about more specifics


I got the email for this when I woke up this morning. I’m very intrigued and it’s definitely peaked my interest. Two things I would want is that it came in Black (stealthy) and that it was smaller. This would be a great upgrade from my AnkerCam. I do love the fact that it IS wireless and has a very long battery life.

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From what I read and saw on the video there is no monthly fee, everything is stored locally as it all should be on a SD card to avoid cloud services and monthly fees.


Receive the Kickstarter email myself today, my only concern about the camera is that it’s wifi. Don’t get me wrong great product idea only problem is I’m relying on WiFi signal from my internet service which I’ve found through passed experience is that it can be intermittent. That’s y I have a nvr hard line camera system. I can check on my app to see my cameras and when Internet is down, I can still rely on it recording to my 2tb nvr hub. But that just my opinion

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You can store locally and pay for online back ups too.

Absolutely smashing their targets. Really wish I could join in. I would definitely want HomeKit support though. I know they’ve said they’re working on it too.

I dig this, but until I own my own home ir rent somewhere where this is warranted I will have to pass for now. Looks and seems like it’s a great product that can do many things and provide security for those who get it

Cloud storage costs $3/month if you choose to go that route.

Stretch goal has been reached, so yes there will be IFTTT integration.

A smaller version is in the works.

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Continuing the discussion from Unveiling eufy’s mystery product - eufy EverCam now live on Kickstarter!:

That doesn’t really answer the question, does usage of the app require the paid subscription or will local storage be retrievable in the app without having to pay?

That makes huge difference in terms of functionality of the product as a standalone offering.

No, you can use the app regardless of whether you are paying for cloud storage.

So this product’s lifetime is around 300 years. 1 year per charge and 300 chargers per unit. (non-replaceable battery)

Looks like Anker wants to keep Micro USB around for much, much longer.

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Looks like an interesting product but surprised by the white colour, stands out a bit if trying to place discreetly…

Also think I’m missing something or I need sleep, they keep showing the camera outdoors with a quick attach/detachment system…what stops the camera being stolen? Would be expensive at $200 a chuck…

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Sirens I guess :laughing:

I believe locally stored videos are viewable etc in the app but the cloud storage allows for a back up so you can clear down the card for more recordings.

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Thanks for the correction :grin:

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I really want to invest in this project but I have to put a new roof on my house so I don’t have the kind of money Eufy wants us to invest in. Hopefully they will be sending out samples to test in the future. I would love to know if this will work for our needs.

You can catch the super early bird discount!:heart_eyes_cat:

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