Unofficial Anker's Online Meetup

Browsing Anker’s First Meetup thread and talking to @Anjou1888 gave me the idea to create this thread.
I know there are some long time community members who know each other pretty good, but there others who joined recently or a few months ago (me included) who don’t know much about their fellow community members.

So this thread is basically for those who want to know a bit more about the people we talk to on a daily basis here and and maybe say something about themselves.
Moderators, if I’m violating a rule or if this thread is not allowed because there is a similar thread please remove it.

I’ll start, I live near Charlotte NC and I work as a painter. I also resurface countertops and bathtubs. I like to play video games on my free time and I recently joined a gym to lose some pounds. Well, I will try at least :+1:


Glad to know I was an inspiration :grin:.

I live in South Carolina USA, and do professional landscaping and irrigation work.

My hobbies are, card magic, cube (Rubik’s cube) solving, swimming, and anker :joy::grin:.

For cube solving I don’t just solve the standard 3x3, I also solve 5x5, and pyramid shaped puzzles etc.

I can’t think of anything else interesting about myself, but let me know if you want to know anything else about me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Yea you were. Let’s see if this thread takes off.

Didn’t know you were in SC, it makes sense now when you said you were a couple hours away from Charlotte

This is a great idea to get to know fellow community members!

I am based out of San Francisco Bay Area, Unified Communications / Voice Architect by profession, love electronic items / devices, like to try & experiment on new stuff and DIY projects on various platforms such as Raspberry Pi, NanoPi, and tech enthusiast…

Walking is my favorite pastime, go for long walks on trails and of course love music!

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I used to like to go on trails and hike, but haven’t done any lately. Do you keep track of your walks? Or how many miles you walk?

What type of music do you listen to?

I listen to classical, sacred (Christian[differsant than contemporary Christian]), some bluegrass, Broadway, opera, and soundtracks.

I also play piano and violin…

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Oh wow. I had no idea you were musically talented :+1::sunglasses:

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I was thinking I mentioned it here, but now I realized it was a comment on a YouTube video :joy::joy:

Great thread you made @ikari04warrior! I will start by saying I’m Shivam and live in Marietta, GA. I am a college student and majoring in Computer Science. I like listening to music (hence the Anker earbuds :joy:), watching movies and YouTube videos, and of course hanging out here. I do spent a lot of time with friends on campus and occasionally go out to have a fun time when we are free from college.


Glad you joined us man :+1:. What good movies have you watched recently?

Mostly Bollywood. In English, I have watched AntMan & Wasp, new Thor movie, and infinity war avenger movie as far as I remember.

How did you like infinity war? I still haven’t watch it. If you like marvel movies, I’d recommend you watch Deadpool 1 and 2

Infinity war was good. I haven’t watched guardian of galaxy so was kinda confused the whole time lol. I’ll try Deadpool as well

I want to watch every marvel movie starting from the beginning before I watch Infinity War lol. So if I go missing, I’m alright, I’m just watching all the Marvel movies

:joy: I’m gonna do that before I watch Endgame. I don’t even remember what exactly happened in Infinity war lol

Forgot Endgame was coming out. Damn we better hurry up then lol

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What deck do you use for your card magic

Classic bicycle :sunglasses:. Pretty much all card magicians use bicycles… Do you do card magic?

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I used to when I was younger but lost touch with it. Now I’m trying to learn more cardistry lately

Nice. Have you read the royal road? It’s card magic though…

I’m not too much into cardistry… maybe because I’m not very good :joy: