Unlisted Error Code

I have a brand new 30c out of the box that is displaying an error code that seems to not be listed by Eufy. The light is turning solid red and the unit is making 5 beeps. I have listened to it multiple times and I am positive it is 5 beeps. Eufy only has error codes for up to 4 beeps so I am not sure what this means.

The context of when this is happening is the initial charge. When we took it out of the box we followed all charging instructions and put it on the charging port. The power light turned blue, blinked orange but after about 5 seconds the unit started beeping and the light turned red. It does this every time we try to charge it and as of now the unit has never ran and it will not charge. I have already reached out to Eufy customer support and their only solution is for me to return or replace through the original vendor (Amazon). I would prefer not to do this given the long lead time and want to have this thing working for the upcoming holidays.

If anyone knows what the 5 beeps mean please let me know!!

Try reseating and adjusting how it sits in the charging base, also make sure the contact points are clean and free of any debris or stickers