Universal App For Smart Outlets, Switches, and Bulbs

Several companies have sent me smart devices to test over the last few months and I have a few others sending me stuff every once in a while. Many of these products I will use but since they are different companies I have to use different apps for each brand. This can get confusing. My wife’s iPhone is a 32 gig phone so her space is limited. She can’t put a handful of apps to control 5 devices. She needs that space for more important things.

Does anyone know if there is a universal app for Android and/or Apple that can be used to control the different smart devices. I know Alexa will help with this but she doesn’t really want one in the house or have to depend on one to turn lights on and off. The app would need to control Eufy Smart devices since I plan replaces products as they fail Eufy Smart Home Products


There will NEVER be an universe application.
Each company wants to have “bondage” to their customers.

We both are like-minded.
We wish, but these are only dreams. :relaxed:

If there is enough space left in your house, what about this:

This would be a solution to control all devices! :grin:

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One app to rule them all would be amazing but the dream will never happen unless you only stick to buying products in one ecosystem like Smartthings or Eufy only


Those are two main apps I have. Maybe I can keep the apps down to 3 and just use Alexa to control anything. Then anything outside of those apps I get rid of or setup on an old house tablet .


I dissagree eith the premise of the other comments. The reason some third party hasn’t made a universal app, is because it isn’t profitable at the moment. As there are more and more apps on the market, people will be more willing to pay for something like that. As a programmer, I know that it wouldn’t even be hard to create. You just send a signal from the stock app, record it with something like wire shark, and replay it. There are some more complicated methods they can use, but there will always be workarounds, if someone has the will, and money.


I agree with @john_bunka: I use SmartThings as a central hub for all of the different smart devices so they can all be controlled through one app. However, I don’t believe there are integrations for Eufy products at this time. :disappointed: However, if someone can figure out the device’s API, a custom driver can typically be written for SmartThings.


If the devices used z-wave or IFTTT protocols then you could manage them all with one app … of course you would have to have a Smart Hub to use the z-wave devices - such as Smart Things, Vera or Fibaro or one of the many other z-wave hubs that are out there… as a matter of fact with IFTTT or a Smart Hub you can then make Scenes that integrate all of the products and have them do things according to your scene

Even though Smartthings gives me a headache sometimes I do believe its one of the best. I can control my devices in one app and I can ask Alexa to control items as well. I can take this further and have my Pixel control items via Ok, Google voice commands.

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