Unfair comparison of Anker Soundcore Flare vs Earfun Uboom

I came across a comparison video on YouTube. The link here: https://youtu.be/IedQkIPE6tw

I think this comparison was unfair as the Earfun Uboom was on Outdoor mode (Im guessing). And the Flare’s BassUp was not on until before he came to conclusion that Uboom is the winner.

I am a proud owner of Anker Soundcore Flare+ and I know how much of a difference BassUp can make. In addition to that, I believe it’s possible also to tweak equalizers in the audio players and get a more clear audio like the Uboom put out.

I just think it’s unfair. What do you guys think?

Be safe guys.
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Nobody knows if a comparison really neutral.

Some may like this, other that. :smile:
Some get payed for, others not.
Some are honest, others not.
Some are professional influencers… etc…

This is the reason I dont care much about those.

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Comparisons are always a crap shoot. I stick to single item reviews and then if it reminds them of anything.