Undocumented 26800 button combination

I’ve been using the Powercore 26800, model A1277, for about three months now, and I love it. It charges my pixel phone extremely fast, on par with the OEM charger (3.8 amp).
I’ve noticed that when you press the indicator button in a certain way, the indicator lights will flash. Is this a diagnostic feature? The combo is three rapid clicks, the third is held down. Click - click - hold. No matter the battery level, the top two lights will flash for a bit.

I want to know what this is! Nothing about it in the manual.

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This also works on the Power Core 10000 (at least) even though it doesn’t have the same power indicator wheel. Click, click, hold. The first three LEDs will blink three times, then the ones required to display the proper battery level will light as normal.

Maybe it’s a cheat code? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Check to see if you unlocked some secret character or something like that!

Whatever it is, I’ve just checked my PowerCore 10000 model A1263, and it’s just as @SZak2015 described - first three blink three times, then normal.

One question: what pushed you to try it?

Hi @Otterbotancial,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention via the community.

I’m sorry to hear about the indicator confusion issue caused on your PowerCore 26800 battery. Could you please send emails to us via support@anker.com? Our team will do the investigation and help you on this issue.

Have a nice day!

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I doubt this is any type of “issue” as it would seem that all Anker power banks may do this. So far, two have been mentioned as doing this but when I get the chance, I’ll try and test some others that I have.

It just seems like an “Easter egg” or an undocumeted test mode maybe. Since it was found by chance, I doubt it does anything except blink the LEDs as has been mentioned.:wink:

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I’m guessing this is some sort of reset but I am curious.

Wondering exactly what it is & if it does anything other than simply flash the LEDs :thinking: