Unable to update Eufycam 2

Anyone else have this issue? I can’t update one of my Eufycam 2’s.

Already tried the following:

  1. Restarting Internet
  2. Restarting Homebase
  3. Turning camera off and on (in app and with Sync button)
  4. Removing and re-adding camera

It keeps saying it’s up to date.

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Try plugging it into the homebase to charge it and then do an update while its plugged into it. Had that issue with one of my cams and that did the trick

That didn’t work either. Also remove it again while it was plugged in.

Still stuck on the version it shipped with 2.3.7.

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Just use it as it is for now, when an update comes through it will update or tell you to update it. I know someone who had to wait 3 days after setting his up for one of his cams to update

Set up is very easy and I was able to get both cameras online very quickly!

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When back in stock will the free 3rd camera still be offered?

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It updated eventually. Thanks