UNABLE to Pair 2 Icon minis...together

So I bought a second ICON mini so i could pair them together

Made sure one was off and that the new one was able to pair - which it does with no issues.

I tried various methods

  1. with both on hold the BT down for 3 seconds
    Blue light on both flashes - never connects

Removed both from BT
Reconnected one
Music Playing fine
Reconnected the second one
Music sound is now coming from that device
Hold the BT - I hear a different sound, then they both go blinking, and never stop

  1. connect just 1
    powered up the second one and hit BT immediately
    No difference.

So I must be brain dead - what is the secret!

The App does not work for the Icon, so Manual is the only option

Hi @Gammbroz had the same issue myself on a black version bought in 2019 and an orange version I won in one of the Christmas events, tried pairing them together before using with my phone and while one was already paired with my phone, neither variation worked…unfortunately it seems there are slight hardware differences between batches which can prevent the TWS pairing from working correctly.

I would suggest you reach out to service@soundcore.com with your serial numbers and troubleshooting steps taken. In the first instance they will most likely respond with a hardware tool to tweak the BT MAC address, if this fails to resolve they will likely send a replacement speaker so you can try and get the replacement to pair with one of your current Icon Mini’s