Unable to Download to Computer

I have a Roav DashCam C2 Pro. I cannot download any videos to the computer via the software I downloaded. What am I doing wrong?

What is the software that you downloaded? Are you able to see the files in the software or is the file showing up blank in your software. Overall make sure your software can handle the format type of the dash am recording. A little more info is helpful.

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The video files should be available on the Micro SD card. If you plug the Micro SD card into your computer (if it has a port, otherwise you would need to use an adapter), you should be able to get to the video files with Windows Explorer (or Finder on Mac), similar to copying files from a flash drive.


Unfortunately the way to plug the SD card in computer not working at all. I have 4 home cam and the only way to keep recorded video is run RECORD when recorded video is playing. Too many people have the problem. If you know how to do that PLEASE explain that.!

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@Bubudi if you are trying to access recording from eufy Security devices… These are encrypted and cannot be accessed on PC / Mac

The original post is for Roav Dashcam, for which the MicroSD card can be accessed from PC/mac

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