Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case for iPhone 8?

I loved my Anker Battery Case for my iPhone 6s, but I’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone 8 and the case doesn’t quite fit (though I suspect it will charge my new phone). I’d love to be able to replace it with a new Anker ultra slim extended battery case for iPhone 8. Or even better, just a new top part that fits the 8 and lines up with the camera holes, since the bottom part of the case fits just fine.

Have you tried cutting out a new hole (for the camera) for now until a new one is available?

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Anker sells a battery case for the iPhone 8 at this time. In the meantime, could I recommend Anker’s flat power bank that can stack with your phone in your pocket?

@Oggyboy, I don’t think it’s going to be easy to cut a hole for the camera in the plastic! :fearful:

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Hahaha yeah @TechnicallyWell . Just realised you’d probably be cutting through the battery :see_no_evil:

Please ignore me @dangergirl33

I’m sorry to say that currently we don’t have battery case for iPhone 8.:cry:

I guess I’ll just go topless then. I mean use my old battery case without the top piece.

Please consider making a case for the iPhone 8.

You can always seek out this case, it’s for the iPhone 7 but also fits the 8

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