Ukraine based company's dating app allowed children under 13 signup (FTC took action)

Some adults contacted children through the app and are now facing criminal charges. I cannot believe how many predators are roaming around in our society.

Thatā€™s pretty messed upā€¦ I donā€™t know whatā€™s wrong with some peopleā€¦

We are not living on an island of the honest ones here.

Of course they did. Why cant we all just play nice on the internet?!?!?!?!

There are 2 sides to this case hereā€¦ One if the app maker letting kids as young as 13 to sign-up.

But what about the parents who gave access to kids to smartphones at such early / young age. There are means to block such apps with screen time or parental apps on Google Play storeā€¦ They should have restricted access to such apps.

As much as app makers, parents are also equally part of this whole mess up


The same can occur on Twitter, Facebook, Instagramā€¦the whole plethora of social media channelsā€¦all you need is an email address and to lie about your DOB to meet the over 13 age requirementā€¦and letā€™s face it, most kids are more tech savvy than there parents these days to do all of thisā€¦

This is something I pretty much always bring up when something technical from the news (such as new laws, stories like this etc) crops up in a conversationā€¦seems to be a given for many (not all) parents that itā€™s everyone elseā€™s job to ā€˜safeguardā€™ their children from the Internetā€¦


This is why its important to teach kids about Internet Safety


Some here need to be taught too! :wink:

I beleive itā€™s partially due to things like this, that make me and @Chiquinho detest social media. I know its part of it for me anywayā€¦

Totally agree

Yeah I can remember lying about my age back in the day to say I was over 18 - Iā€™m in not gonna say which sites I was accessing :joy::see_no_evil:

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I have to sign my kids up on stuff with wrong DOBā€™s all the time :joy:

I am of course very careful in deciding what they are allowed to use :thumbsup:

This is kid of messed up and not just because the parents give their kids access to smartphones but also the fact that the app themselves allow young children to sign up for this type of thing. Plus there is hardly any security checks these days. Kids will just register a fake age and thatā€™s it. I use dating apps. I even met my boyfriend on one. (It was a very convenient way to find a person who shares my interest since we both are driven, socially successful people. The article and the subsequent app that I found was really helpful. If you want to find someone who is from the same social class as you check it out: But this is still very weird.

Now that this thread got brought back to the top of my feed, Iā€™m mad all over again :roll_eyes:

When I was young, I said I was 18 from the age of 16 so I could get served beer in the pub. :beer:


I am always young.
They serve me beer even I am retired. :rofl:

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Being tall from a young age helped me get served in bar from 14 :joy::yum:


Thats the reason why all small ones are trying to get tall! :rofl:

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Perfect :+1:t2:

I havenā€™t grown much since I was fourteen, I was about six feet tall then and looked like a walking mountain next to everyone my age.