UK wireless charger deal

Didn’t spot anyone do these yet today. Weird, points me to O2 but says Anker



Good deals @professor
I like that PowerWave Dual in white.

Nice deals :clap::clap::clap:


Nice deals. Id probably go with the stand and add some modifications to the sides

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Wow the powerbase pad is way cheaper here in the states. The normal price is $13.99 and thats without factoring in the values of the two seperate currencies.

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i’d not say way cheaper. US price excludes sales tax, UK includes VAT.

If I take the USA $13.99 and today’s exchange rate of $1.2289 and add UK 20% VAT I get 13.99/1.2289*1.2 = 13.66. The UK deal is 14.99 so US price is 8.9% cheaper.

Is 8.9% way cheaper?

The average is 4%, guess cost of living in a smaller country.


I was considering the fact that this is $13.99 is the normal price for the product in the US whereas the 14.99 euros is the discounted price yet it is still more expensive than in the states but I can see what you mean.

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