UK Two pack Nano 20W chargers £19.49


I think this is the lowest price ever?

Top tip is this is a good pairing with a Powercore PD, you use that 2 ports to keep 2 things charged then recharge the Powercore with this Nano.


Everyone needs these in thier lives @professor
And i think youre right. The lowest i recall them being is £11.?? each.

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Nice price… I was thinking of getting a couple extra for my US versions of this.

:rofl: When I see this lowest price ever catches me funny as it reminds me when the one guy from Soundcore was getting mad at me and @professor when the professor stated that he saw it just as low before on that site.

Lowest or not it is pretty good.

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Stating correctly it is the lowest price is primarily for future searches. I also take screenshots as a way to prove the “usual” price and the discounted price.

This then accumulates a history of prices. As there’s many deal threads commentary that a deal is good or not helps consumers know to buy now or wait, if they can.

As to this charger, all Anker UK chargers are technically worse than USA as they are chunkier and don’t have folding pins. This charger is unique it is designed for UK, slim and makes good use of the width. The socket pointed down makes it good for when placed behind something and kitchens. I have I think 3 of them and it’s my travel charger I pair with a Powercore.

I still think a slightly deeper version with 2 sockets would be a good option. I don’t need more than 18W but eventually I’ll need a faster socket.