UK Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro £50

The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro are finishing a deep discount today, this is a very good price and I doubt will be repeated price for a while.

The reason these are so deeply discounted is to sell stock before the Liberty 3 Pro is launched as then folks will be less inclined to buy the Liberty 2 Pro.

These are now soon to be 2 versions behind, as after these were the Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded, and the Liberty 3 Pro.

The ending of the discount on the L2P does then clear the way to then begin hinting at the L3P which I expect to become hinted at this week and for sale next week for delivery early week after.

Edit - video made private implies launch within days.

The L2P were and are well reviewed and liked by owners and £50 is a good price. The L3P won’t be anything less than £100 for quite some time possibly at Cyber Monday weekend but stocks to clear fast. The L2P+ are £100 so I expect the L3P to approach that eventually but you’d not be missing a bargain to get these L2P for £50.

To those who in a few weeks say “but I just bought the L2P” bear in mind we’ve been discussing the L3P for months, the YASP threads on the many new buds coming so you should know to either buy now at a deep discount knowing a better product is coming or wait for the better product. You don’t have a valid reason to complain, particularly if you are a regular reader here.

The only people who will be paying a high price for the L2P will be those who don’t come here and read. The price will be higher tomorrow, I’d then expect later the L2P+ to get a brief higher discount then the L3P announcement.


Now that is quite a price drop :open_mouth:

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Great discounts! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Amazing drop in price, great share @professor

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Video made private could mean that, or that launch date shift from original… similar happened w/ air 2 pros…

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Pre-order Oct 7th when it’s announced but shipping after. That is consistent with all the previous information, pre-order implies they are shooting for a higher price, and build demand before stock arrives. What I cannot tell this far ahead is if the launch price is now £190 with discount to £170 or a launch price of £170 with discount to £150. My gut tells me £190 will make for a recoil, so it’s more likely the latter.

I don’t personally like pre-order, it is disingenuous as it’s asking you to effectively buy a product unseen, a way to make you get FOMO “Fear of missing out” when you’d probably be better off waiting for the bugs to be ironed out and get this or lower price later.

As the £50 L2P and £100 L2P+ shows you don’t have to rush to get a good price.


And now so the L3P is out, the L2P is £90.

Thus confirming the theory - they’d struggle to sell the L3P when launched if the L2P was still £50 as the main difference is ANC which not everyone is willing to pay 2.4x / £70 more.

Yes the L3P were announced but only immediately available in Black.