🥵 UK Red Weather warning

Hopefully those in southern UK knew this already, but if not

How you can prepare with Anker:

  • You have today Saturday and possibly tomorrow Sunday also to prepare.
  • Extreme heat will tend to break things not experienced this heat before in the infrastructure.
  • so roads, rail, traffic systems, power outages.
  • two types of outages, a dropping sagging wire gets contact with tree or other live wires would tend to power out of a city, so be ready to leave the city if the roads are clear, this will take days to be repaired. Local substations trip due to overheat will take out a smaller section and likely be hours to a day repair. Both times longer if multiple places impacted bearing in mind the repairs is an outdoor in the heat task so the staff may refuse or advised to work.
  • so assume 2 days of power outage for a small % of population.
  • Today turn your freezer and fridge up to maximum now so they are as cold as possible, then turn them back down to normal Wednesday.
  • if power goes out try to limit how many times you open fridge / freezer doors
  • Today fill fridge with drinks, this fills the space with water which is slower to warm up, keeps contents of fridge cooler for longer. You’d want to do this today so drinks chilled before heat arrives
  • Today own and recharge your Anker Powercore and Bolder flashlights. Store them in the coolest part of the house, which is usually in downstairs north facing part in a large cupboard which is slower to heat up. Do not store in the fridge, that will kill the lithium cells permanently.
  • get your coolest parts of home ready, e.g. setup tent in garden to sleep in. Setup today or tomorrow to sleep in Mon/Tues night
  • place Anker Powercore and Bolder lights in your tent at night for relaxing with your media setup. If you own Nebula projector then that in a shaded part of the garden may make a pleasant evening.
  • download for offline viewing your binge watch sets, as Internet may go offline.
  • know how friends, family, neighbours can cope, paying attention to the elderly and vulnerable.
  • try to limit travel and stay home or near home at the coolest place you can frequent. Bear in mind many other people may be thinking similar right now.

Some useful tips - just hoping the red weather warning doesn’t extend to the South West as we’ve already been warned that if it does then schools will be shut! :roll_eyes:


It’s already an Amber warning everywhere south of Scottish lowlands

Red has legal implications, if you didn’t take reasonable care then it’s negligence or manslaughter, impacting career at best, prison the worst.

Issue is that homes may be worse for a child than the school, depending on building design. What it does do though is remove the need for a child to wear school uniform and move around, sit up, concentrate, they can instead sit still in lesser clothing do just watching a screen for 2 days.

Make up a floor ground bed under north facing downstairs window. Camping bed, if you don’t have a North facing sheltered garden.

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Its summer.
What is wrong about. :smile:
The press here speaks about “Hitzepeitsche”.- > heat wipe.
What a nonsense.
If it gets 40C, which I don’t believe, its only press speech.
What is the problem with?
Stay at home, close your blinds and keep cool.
I remember 47C in Buenos Aires.
That was hard, because in those urban gorges its like in an oven.
Were expecting 40C here in München next week.
But I don’t care very much.
If its really too hot in the bedroom I will move to the basement near my beer storage! :laughing:


Yes I get all the issues - but workplaces won’t close - I’ll still be expected to turn up or if I need last minute childcare would have to take it as unpaid!!

My kids have already been told no uniform on Mon/Tue so hopefully the school will remain open.

Think we’ll be avoiding the garden though - it’s due South and super sunny!

Fortunately my bedroom is on the front of the house so North facing and stays quite cool.

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In your case your home and personal circumstances allows you to mitigate the heat.

It’s those who can’t should be aware and prepare.

Also if your house is cooler than neighbour’s then…

I have a north facing downstairs room if upstairs too warm. I bought it in part for that reason.

The south facing rooms don’t need heating in winter, the opposite problem.

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I love the UK in these situations.
Its hard not to be synical when the news is full of words like predicted, potentially and could.
I understand the heat isn’t good for some people and as a country we are not geared up for it, our average temperature is 14⁰ C!

All the news does is encourage mass hysteria, panic buying and raise concern in those that are normally calm and sensible people.

I think the headlines should read “It’s gonna be hot. Be sensible, stay safe and enjoy it while it lasts”
Thats all I’ll be doing.


@paulstevenewing Sounds like a good plan - after all there’s a possibility of rain again on Tuesday - all this fuss for 2ish days!!

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Exactly @star100x
We will be getting our jumpers out by the end of the week! :rofl:

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Just saw this - made me smile!


There is a trick you can use.

before going to bed take a shower dont dry your body and wrap it in a sheet.
Thats the so called “cooling evaporation”
Helps also to keep the beer barrels cool. :smile:


Perfect said Paul!

Same here.
We call all those media “Lügenpresse” → “Lying press”.
The daily horror forecasts and reports,

No natural gas → 1000 of people will freeze to death in Winter.

Without the next vacc 1000 of people will die by COVID in Autumn.

And now 1000 of dead people caused by this “extreme summer heat”.

All so stupid and ridiculous.

But the worst is , many believe in those useless and weird messages.
Seems they have lost their brains to think over many things with rationality.

35C can come next week : beer storage is full! :sweat_smile:

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So there are indeed certain “news” outlets you mention they have seen Elvis flipping burgers, Jesus in a slice of toast, and severe weather for what is a normal weather event.

But this one isn’t that. A prediction of warmer weather than has not been for years and some chance of hotter than ever before.

BTW I’ve not bought anything for this. All I’ve actually done is dug out all the water bottles, filled them, put in fridge. My freezer also needed a defrosting so did before heat arrived.

No panic, no buying, just prepared.

40C is not normal summer heat for these parts of UK.

England also now has even worse NHS backlog than when last hot weather of 2019. So those idiots / unprepared who do get ill may not get the speedy response they would normally expect.

Previous record


Imagine if there was no forecast at all and there was a planned Marathon…

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@Chiquinho That’s a great trick - sounds like one to use on my wine bottles! :wink:

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Do that, it works perfectly.
Simple physics,

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This is the forecast for Paul’s place


What about a song? :laughing:

Seems in 1966 there was some “summer” as well! :rofl:

I found a version from “good old Joe” (RIP)

I didn’t know this.


No heat wave here just yet but it had been going through a streak of no rain and hot weather. Finally had rain the other day which then lead to flood warnings and now its supposed to have thunder on and off for most of the day. I hope everyone is staying safe in all the crazy weather happening throughout the world right now.

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I lived in a hot climate for years and a short sharp hot shock is worse than a generally hot climate as the human body adapts to heat. The blood chemistry and blood flow is altered over a 10 day period. So someone who previous week had say 20C then experienced 40C would suffer more than someone who came from 30C.

I moved to a hot country 2 months before others and when they arrived after me, I was perfectly fine in temps that the others needed to stop and cool.

The adaption is not psychological , it is not “get used to it, stop whinging”, it is physiological chemical alterations, e.g. sweat has lower salt ratio.

So for UK the lethality is not just the temperature but the rapid raising of temperature.

The south of UK has been in rain deficit, so ground is dry so daytime temps can raise faster.

It’s 74.6F in my house now and 89F outside. My perfect temperature is 60F :hot_face:


Thats the age old problem with the weather here isn’t it @professor.
We are up to our knees in snow one week, and basking in sunshine the next.
If it stayed like this until mid October we would be fine, well, you know what I mean. :grimacing:

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