UK Prime Day deals

For me the notable items are (Edit: sold out)

So much so I bought them!


I snatched up another set of the stick-on lights for a family’s house - winter is coming! Easier to put these up on a landing hallway than turn lights on/off, less chance of tripping at night.


Some cracking deals about today @professor great share.
I’m tempted with the 543, but do I need another charger? Can you have enough chargers?
If it was 3 x USBC I would have gone for it.

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I’m expecting GaNPRIME products at some point, I’d expect them to be towards higher wattage, but exactly how many ports… let’s see.

I need a wall c7 to UK plug to make this a wall charger so no cable trailing, something like this download%20(5)

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Odd pricing overall, I guess it makes sense to someone. I bought this yesterday when it was £40, today it’s £61.63

So that implies the stock they could sell at £40 went, and indeed it sold out at £40 in a few hours. I knew £40 was a good price given it’s hasn’t been that low for well over a year.

There’s definitively something odd with pricing, in general it is going up, for a 5+ year old product technology that is counter the experience of last 40 years.

I don’t intend to take my new 26800 outside of the house, it is purely to handle power outages, with 100Wh for £40, is good by current pricing, but bad when taking a 5 year view.

I leave house usually with the smaller 10Ah and 20Ah PD whose chargers are smaller.

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