UK Powercore 10000 PD with built-in USB-C cable £23

This one grabbed my interest as its relatively new and a fair price for what you get.

More here but none particularly newsworthy

This is the lowest price so far, having been £34 since available Jan 8th.

So qualifies as being a deal for this specific product at this time.


Now £19.

A fair price now for what you get. This would suit the situation you are out all day, only with C input devices, returning home, reasonable recharge of itself and has 18W output. Advantage is you can’t lose/forget the cable.

Disadvantage is only C output and still need to buy / own a C cable to recharge, so probably not a traveling portable charger where’s you’d use the cable overnight to recharge this.

Repeating the £19 currently under time limited deal


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£1 cheaper than the slim.
I was tempted but think ill hold out for the 10000mah, 10w wireless powercore.

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If they made it’s built-in cable be input I’d be more tempted, the Slim is two ports, added A which is handy at times.

It’s been in my checkout box a couple of times but the Naaaah voice keeps winning.

I know what you mean.
I’ve got an Amazon wishlist of Anker only stuff, i shouldn’t really as it does make me buy stuff i don’t need.

New lowest price £15

I’m not recommending this product as the cable cannot be used to recharge the Powercore, if they fixed that then it would be a strong buy.

But £15 is a good price for what you get, I’d say this for Android used who tends to loses cables

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Another great price.
But as you say, the cable being restored to an output only is strange.
Although it is a short cable so would only really lend itself to be charged with a desktop charger.
Did someone say Atom III 63w Slim? :ear:t2:

Most of the people I would gift to are iPhone, one is MicroB (still), and I have two 10000 PD already so while tempting I’m waiting. If they made it recharge from the bultin-cable then would be a good pairing with Nano for an overnight solution.



The built-in output only, the port input only.

As is as the USB-C port is input only, it cannot be used with other than a USB-C input device so over it’s lifetime (3 years typically) it is much less useful. A critical design error. At most I’d buy for myself and then gift one of my existing 10000 PD to others as I’m committed to USB-C for all my device.

For me this still represents good value for money for those with Android.

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The port being input only is even more crazy in my mind. That ties this product down too tightly for my liking!
Essentially, any damage to that fixed cable and the product is bin fodder!

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Yea but its £15

For a Reason

Just here in the community we can call it out so buyers know in advance as £15 is a good price for 10Ah 18W, but to get the price it has corners cut which may or may not be an issue. Just be aware.

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