UK Pad and stand Qi charger £22 - back again

Note does not include AC chargers, will be a 7.5W charger off a standard 5V 2A port. Probably becomes 10W of a QC or IQ2 port.

Edit: back again!

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Oh my word!
I just paid £18 for the stand only.
Considering returning and buying this.
Great find @professor

Thanks but it’s not a find, it’s just rules 2, 3 and 4.

At some point I’ll have a wireless chargeable phone, and by then I’ll know a fair and low cost of chargers.

Anker alternates their discounts last 4 months between the pad discount, the stand discount, two pads, two stands and the combined pad+stand discount, so just know what you want a few months ahead, and then wait.

I am pretty sure Anker will be releasing 30W wireless pads in the next few months and so the lowest cost point of these 7.5W pads is going to be around then. I am pretty sure I won’t want a 30W pad so these are on my to-do list.

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Well, you still went to the effort to locate and share it @professor :+1:t2:
I’m a bit of an impulse buyer on cheap gadgets, just can’t help myself!
To be fair, 2 stands would be a better option for me. May kick back and wait for that to come round.

Not cheap enough just yet…

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So rule 4 then.

Anyhow I am currently looking at next winter’s waterproofs…mine are worn and I got, gosh only probably 6-7 months til I need my next one!



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Good work :+1:t2:
Last summer I got a new outer shell and fleece for the cold months, a parka for the very cold months and a lightweight waterproof for spring autumn so I’m sorted for the next few winters.
Well, unless I see something on a special deal :grimacing:

Bumping up, deal back, time limited.

I ordered it, as now have a Qi phone at home to benefit.