UK new Powercore product A335 A321

These are in UK now


Not yet showing in USA, if you change to .com one is not even on Amazon the other is unavailable.


Appreciate the share… I think a 20k PB will be in my stocking this Christmas. Have a few 10k but with losing power 3 times this winter, I think a bigger bank is needed :slight_smile:

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Indeed. Here I have 2 20Ah, 3 10Ah, 27Ah, 6.7Ah ~ 370Wh.

Nostalgia order for price comparison

Interesting maybe it will come to the us in the future. I kind of wish they would fully commit and make an all usb c power bank


Yes I expect to USA very soon it’s just who’s ship docked first. Usually it’s USA first as bigger market.

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Good share @professor

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Am looking to upgrade from my PowerCore II 6700, but the reduced capacity of the PowerCore 5K doesn’t make it a drop-in replacement. Not sure why that was done as it’s about the same size and weight as well. Actually looking at the NiteCore NB10000 instead. Sorry Anker.

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Agree this is a step backwards, I also have the 6700 II
nearly 5 years old and I still use it regularly, for when I have no bag no jacket just keep this to travel light.

Baffling Anker decisions, and the prices :grimacing:

The 335 now in USA