UK Nano £10.79 - almost lowest price


40% off makes it £10.79.


Not the lowest price, that was a £3 voucher off a £13 discount price a few weeks ago for £10 but this is close.

I have this and recommend, good for putting behind things in kitchen, behind furniture and travel as the plug is small and the socket pointed down. Pair with a Mini and you get a compact diverse 3 socket 28W travel system for about £17-£19 total typically if patient.


Pretty good price @professor
But…twin pack? Got to be landing soon i would have though!
If it doesn’t, Anker have missed what i thinks a good opportunity to sell more units.

They began recently packaging the Mini as a 2 pack. It came as one cardboard box, both mini inside, so they had altered the packaging. This appeared on Amazon 15th August.

I got this for £14.44 using the any other Anker product 15% off method, basically everything is discounted 15% anyway currently so wait for an item to be discounted, then can add any other product 15% discounted even if isn’t.


Use the code shown but don’t use the add both to basket option, it seems to work on everything, I added this 2 pack mini to an order when something else, I think the Nano was £10.

So the Nano two-pack I’d expect coming, once items get silly low price but must be in cardboard, it’s a logical decision for the Nano too.

Logical doesn’t mean it will be done nor by a date, but I agree with you if not in a hurry, a 2 pack Nano probably happens, and if it doesn’t happen, if you’re waiting a price <£10 for a single Nano is probable eventually.

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Great saving!

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