UK lowest price ever for Powercore 45W bundle £70

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Interesting … I’ve been wanting a PD PowerBank


I’d love it if they sold it unbundled, I would not want to travel with a single port 60W, I’d rather, say, carry the one with 3 ports total 65W charger which has a 45W port.

The price goes up/down between 75 - 100 but this 70 is lowest I seen.

The 60W PD Powercore is coming. Horrendously high price. I’d personally go this 45W unbundled Powercore if you have a laptop which won’t charge on less than 45W, but also recommend people have travel laptops which charge off even less than 45W to further lower cost, spend the money on something like the travel laptop.

Bundles of Powercore + Powerport is a good thing for noobs to get as proven working system, but I also like to see unbundled alternatives.

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I have that on my Honey Droplist, I got notified that it went on sale in the US the other day. @professor @pfrodsham do you guys have the Honey extension installed?? What I meant was I have had this on my droplist. It is just the charger, no bundle because I have all the other components also @professor you say

but do not link to it. Is it the same one I am looking at?


I have my code and my own server.

If you have PD devices which will accept 18W PD , then the sweetspot on price currently is the 20000 PD. It’s not on discount today but sure in next couple of weeks you’d see it again < 30.

Example of when last 30

Different products entirely.

The 26800 dual input is a good all-rounder cost-effective and has some pros/cons. It cannot be used with device which will refuse 10W input, but if , say, you’re sat on a long flight the 3 ports out can keep 3 devices charged for landing. Dual input means it recharges overnight. Prices fluctuate but get as low as $36.

The 45W 26800 in this thread makes most sense for someone who must have 45W minimum, and pay a premium for that high minimum.

My personal travel laptop will charge from 10W and remain roughly at its current battery % if being used while ingesting 10W, but I need 18W to increased battery % while laptop in use. So for me I’m not willing to pay $$$ for > 18W and happy to get a cost-effective 10W solution. Some laptops won’t work with less than 45W, I get that.

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Um, the one that @professor linked to I have, it is definitely “extra”, if you lived in the states I’d offer to ship it to you, but I can vouch for it. It is a charging monster, I’m pretty sure it is not meant to charge devices with a smaller battery cap, even though it has Trick-Charge Mode. This brings me to my question for @professor, I was trying to use it to charge my new Fitbit, one of the smaller ones, and even in Trickle mode, it won’t charge it. The 10000 PD in Trickle Mode charges it, pretty much everything else does. Why do you think this is happening?

what does that have to do with the Honey Extension?


you answered that question. Agreed that they are different, my question now is do they sell the 45W without the bundle?

P.S if I don’t answer right away I am busy building my website… I will check back later and Thank You in advance!

I track prices myself my own way.

Obviously I don’t know as not owning it, but my guess is they implemented a a higher trickle charge threshold on the 45W than the smaller Wattage Powercore.

It is expensive in energy to have the DC-DC conversion going on and produce small Wattage. Hence why trickle charge, but you given now an additional reason to not get the 45W as it does another task less well.


I’d like a way Amazon listings cross-reference so the unbundled Powercore is there for those who really know about technology and a very obvious bundled option for noobs.

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No, I think you misunderstood, I have the one the OP has in the picture, the 20000, which I am thinking about sending back/trading in, That one does not have a low threshold trickle, it will not charge my Fitbit, which is probably the device with the smallest battery that I own. I do not own the 45W, but I am interested in it but not the bundle. If I could just buy the 45W I could use the cable I got from Anker and my laptop would be fully portable. I know that getting a charger who’s max cap is just what my laptop needs is not the best idea, which is why I have not bought it yet, but if I was to buy a portable charger that could charge my laptop, which only needs 45W, do you have any suggestions?

I’m easily confused when you say the 20000 OP which is a 26800.

So you have the 20000 PD and you’re thinking of the 45W 26800 on its own?

So really this is a how much do you want to spend question, only you can answer. I would not worry about using a portable charger to its maximum because in portable charger situation that is not true. The 60W, and future 85W and 100W portable chargers are tuned for higher wattage but they are still stressing the cells more, if your laptop is capable of charging off 45W then get a 45W portable charger, the slower power will make the cable and the Powercore more efficient. The only downside is you have to be less spontaneous, and possible be tied to the wall socket if your laptop battery life is < the Powercore recharge time.

With the 60W, 100W and likely more higher Wattage coming, it would tend to have a downward trend on prices of 45W, so patience will likely snag a better deal.

The newer portable chargers are not really that reviewed yet and may contain pleasant or unpleasant surprises.

The only thing I can be sure of there is no reason to pay a substantial extra for a high wattage portable charger, I mean if you want a trickle charge feature for a small device, simply buy one of the entry level 10000mAh ones for that feature which has advantage you can use them when not with laptop, and adds capacity and ports and diversity.

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Sry for some reason one day my notifications changed from only being like @ mentions or likes or responses to MY posts, to notifying me about everything, so the important stuff gets lost. Anyway,

I probably had something to do with that lol. I am going to take your advice and wait for the higher wattage ones to come out and most likely get the 60W so I am not riding the edge of it’s capability, especially because of how much I do on my laptop. It came with single-band NIC card, upgrade to dual. Only had 4Gb of RAM, now it has 16. The processor is supposed to run at 2.3Ghz, but the last time I clock it, it was 3.2.

This price repeated again now


I’d still prefer if they gave option of buying without a charger so you pick your own . Bundles are good to exist for noobs to get at least a proven working charger. For example I have a 45W IQ3 port on my 4 port Slim 63W charger I may prefer to use instead.