UK Liberty Lite True Wireless Earphones Amazon RENEWED

Hey all.

These are significantly cheaper than the new item.
New these are currently £126.93 and have been for some time. The cheapest price new looks to be around £80 earlier last year.

Grab these renewed earphones for £25.99, a £3 reduction from the previous renewed price. And as an Amazon renewed item it also comes with a full warranty.

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The reason they are low cost is they have been succeeded by the Liberty 2 Pro, this model was released September 2018 and the successor a year later.

Still a good price however for what they are but the value has to be placed in context.

I wonder how physically old the renewed ones are?

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That’s a concern @professor
It’s not good for small rechargeable batteries sitting in a warehouse. Well any rechargeable for that matter, but I’ve found the smaller cells seem to suffer more.