UK law against security cameras recording

Make sure your Eufy cameras don’t record too much!

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One thing I’ve always made sure to do (dealing with CCTV at work helps) is to make sure you only cover your own property…that and be congenital when a neighbour asks you to prove that there property isn’t being recorded…the usefulness of an app :wink:

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Doorbells are usually recording outside of your property into someone else’s property in most homes.

The ruling attached more damages to recording sound than vision.

Oh ja, thats a difficult theme.
If your neighbor tells you he doesnt like to be watched by your big brother,
you have to show him that there is no watching.
But how to proof?
By the output of your camera?
The recording area can be altered easily. :grinning:

But Eufy is actively posting recommendation to record outside your property in the UK now.

The ruling was more against recording audio than video and more against inside bounds of property.

To record video of the public street through which you can record inside someone’s house, surely would never be deemed illegal?

Also whenever someone has been abducted , police are always asking for CCTV. The poor lady murdered by a policeman who CCTV helped find, is a positive example.