UK getting Powerhouse 535 512Wh

I’m seeing it with UK sockets

But I’m also seeing 110V not 240V, hopefully that’s a typo as otherwise it’s not actually going to work.

It says also

But I’ve looked at back of my chest freezer and it shows as 220-240V, 0.7A, 460Wh/24h so in theory this would keep my freezer going for probably more than 24 hours.

There’s increasing probability of power outages in UK:

  • the general trend to electric cars increasing demand
  • energy supply issues e.g. gas from Russia
  • more extreme weather
  • (new) unions threatening rail strikes which would impact the coal power stations (although I’m sure the Army would drive them?)

I’ll do a review if Anker wants.


I will second your motion for you to test one of them. :slight_smile:

Nice to see an UK item than a US themed one.


Would be nice to see some community members have the chance to really give this a test but I highly doubt it will happen unless you have a 2k + social media channel…

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They’ve fixed the specs



That’s the problem, as I’m not focusing on a huge social media presence, I’m caring what’s true and into details. That’s my undoing :frowning:

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I did a few searches but couldn’t find anyone selling the Anker 535 in the UK. I’m off to Shetland in a few weeks on an adventure kayak fishing trip, and could really do with this unit. Any chance you could put a link up to anywhere I can purchase in the UK? (I did register for an early bird discount on Instagram, but never received a code).

Kindest regards- Ian

The early bird discount means on the day you get the code you can order, they will give an estimated delivery date then.

It’s a way to build up demand waiting for the boat to dock.

Everyone gets a discount.

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Going to need one of these (in the boot/trunk) that’s capable of charging your electric vehicle for a few miles soon. A modern day petrol can :joy::joy:


I’m sticking with diesel. 600 mile tank and a can in the garage. The car can charge my stuff.

Not until there is a decent UK electricity plan would I switch. I also think lithium battery for cars is not going to work. Future is hydrogen.


Did anyone receive an early bird discount code for the 535? I was never sent one

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No not yet…
It’s able to be bought now


So this lack of code is either incompetence or they will release the code after orders and stock at RRP are met first, so this is a way to drive sales not actually reward interest early users.

I had registered for early bird discount code, never received, so emailed support, they sent me a code.

I’ve ordered…

Why I got this:

  • small enough to physically carry including on my bike.
  • powerful enough to to drive my freezer for 24h
  • supports passthru so I can leave it connected to mains and appliances
  • I’m expecting power outages of the type of rolling outages of a few hours on specific days on a rota basis, so a passthru effectively masks.
  • I’m keeping a diesel vehicle I can recharge this from, I decided to not buy a specific generator as I’m not expecting outages longer than a few hours. Anything longer than say 24-48 hours I’ll just drive out of the outage if geographic, if it’s country-wide then that’s quite the “experience” to share with the grandkids!
  • the battery technology should last a long time. Time will tell.
  • most things I have get used by someone else, I expect I’ll be loaning out.

Hey @professor.
I’m interested to know if you carry you’ll be carrying your freezer on you bike as well as this?


What has been will be again. Fuel prices will reward the cyclists.

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100% @professor, 100% :+1:t2:

I also ordered this morning from Anker’s UK site using the discount code. Still not 100% sure of delivery time. Hopefully it will arrive before my Shetland trip at the start of July.

@professor please keep the thread updated and let us know if/when you receive yours. I will do the same.


How did you get your code? I never got an email with code, had to chase yesterday, then got code in reply to my chase this afternoon.

The code was unique, as a test I tried to use it again and has expired (assuming my use of it expired it) so nil point in sharing.

Yes will share delivery info, progress, I’ll do a review, photos etc, hopefully you can do the same. I am assuming this applies


No shipping info as yet.

Simply email them your order code, explain your context, needs, urgency, offer to a review in return for delivery in time. They’ll probably oblige. They cannot ship these the normal fast way due to the amount of energy stored, may be via sea ship…

You know it’s not waterproof right?

Using waterproof box?

I do a lot of backpacking mountain camping type trips. For the last decade on such trips I just carry a Powercore in a dry bag. Doing such a trip next week.

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@professor Do you have an email address to send to, to try to see if I can get delivered in time for my trip?

I received my discount code in an email from Anker (I had registered for early bird discount on the Powerhouse 535).

The Powerhouse is intended to charge my portable VHF radio, GoPro’s, phones and other equipment needed for the kayak fishing trip, not for using on the kayak itself.

I just used the general support email address.

I was not sure if my order had gone through and they confirmed so that address does get a response.

Last responses were from “Susie” , “Luana”

My experience of Anker has been always good, if I’m straight and honest I’ve always got reasonable responses.

So your registering for a discount code worked, mine didn’t. Goes to show to not trust their systems, but their people are good (in my experience)

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Well, an update for you… my Anker Powerhouse 535 was delivered today… pretty amazing when you consider I only ordered it on Monday!

I’ve just charged it from the mains; it took about 3 hours to reach 100%. Looks well put together. Looking forward to using it in anger. Hopefully get a 625 solar panel to pair with it.

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