UK Earthquake did you feel it?

@Oggyboy not far from you

Here in Lancashire it shook upstairs bed of someone laying in bed with lurgie. I was stood up downstairs didn’t feel a thing.

Got my Powercore 10000 charged as usual for the apocalypse.

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Stay safe everyone

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No buddy. We were travelling back from Barry and as soon as we got back could see all the posts from friends who live in Merthyr and surrounding towns. Mad though in it??

Can’t think we’ve ever had one before.

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Pity. Sounded fun.

I spend most of my time about a mile from San Andreas fault.

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I didn’t even know the UK was seismically active. Stay safe!

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It doesn’t normally. We are all amazed by it

Sitting on sofa (North West Surrey), I felt slightly and heard a deep rumbling, bit like a large lorry going past, but went on for longer. Very weak in my location, I probably wouldn’t have noticed if walking around town.

Yeah I know. Annoying. If there’s going to be an earthquake can it be at an announced time so I’m up top of a thin tree to sway

Same here. Was it a bad one


My fiancee said, the earth moved!

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Hahaha a good Sunday then :joy:

But it lasted only 10 5 seconds :expressionless:


WoW I’ve improved!

Nothing in the east of England!

I revised my post

FYI this forum usually can handle html and interpret so




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FANCY stuff there @nigelhealy

I think you could teach my web design class better than our teacher. What do ya say?


Along with other skills?


I am 300 miles from it and didn’t feel, but I am well prepared, food, water, shelter, lots of Powercore and Bolder LC flashlights and I live in a single storey property with windows in every room I can climb out of. Deliberately.

As its summer the 1st priority is water and there’s a gallon bottle in every room and by every exit. When in winter is more about clothing. About 2 months ago I rotated the bag of clothes by the exits with water. Then if the property not unsafe to re-enter then have shelter and food and clothing to sit it out. We hold a limit of 7 day of supplies as assumption is by then emergency services are here.

Actually we were just thinking we had too much tinned and dried food more than we needed last week, and were eating pasta last night to keep stocks to a reasonably low level. Yes there is that moment we have to eat sardines before out of date… :nauseated_face:

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