UK customers

I see a lot of deals / giveaways that are solely for the US, I am relatively new to the community (but have bought Anker products for over 5 years now) and just wonder is there often deals that UK customers can avail from?

top right corner the magnifying glass

Type UK giveaway

So apart from 6d, 8d, 11d, 12d, 13d … etc ago, we get your point.

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couldn’t have said it better!

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Brutal response :rofl:

@Oggyboy nah dude, @nigelhealy is just flexing some American muscle. :flag_us:

Hahah, nicely put :wink:

I have noticed that a lot of the giveaways are us only and now I’m kinda happy I don’t live in the UK even though I would love to visit London and do some Carspotting

USA gets by far the most deals but the USA is a much bigger economy than UK, and UK is compounded by having a specific plug.

The Power Draw always includes the UK.

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Hi @k_pug2003, welcome to the community! Yes, we will offer deals to UK fans at least twice a month. Please keep an eye out for it, this week more UK deals will come later!:grin:

@Oggyboy I don’t mind the brutal response though from @nigelhealy as it will teach me for not fully utilising the search function. @cdarienzo1 I know what “muscle” he is flexing and it ain’t his arms :joy:

But thanks for the help folks alway good to have a bit of banter when someone is new :crazy_face:


By the way, I like your avatar haha!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can you please change your avatar @k_pug2003 it’s making me vom :mask: :joy:

@AnkerOfficial I can’t believe what I just read :point_up:

You do? How did you know it was his loving heart? :heart:

As has been said, there are deals for us UK folk. A lot of the US deals/offers are applied to us too, just need to read the T&c’s. Feel bad for those else where as they seem to get much fewer deals!

Not a united fan I take :laughing: (yes, I’ve seen your LFC avatar)…

They are a rather popular team in China, maybe we might see an Anker logo on their shirts in the near future :grin:

I left it open to others interpretation lol I had hoped it was his heart :yum:

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