UK buy wall charger 65W + desk charger 65W for £83.73 combined

Anker UK deals are somewhat scarce, the general prices are upwards, so takes a little more creativity to save a few pennies.

If you’re recently bought a laptop and need 45W USB-C then currently there is a combo deal where you get extra discount if you buy both chargers.


I am expecting a general trend towards higher Wattage chargers, 100W-120W-higher and multiple port chargers, but I am not expecting them to be substantially driving down prices. The inflationary pressures on everything which gets products towards you (fuel costs from China factory, Amazon Prime delivery costs) I think you’re unlikely to regret getting this deal if you do need 45W ports for recent laptop purchases.

Note my Chromebook which is the sort of thing you may get a child for school is 45W USB-PD and these sort of chargers would keep them going at home / school-bag.

You get these two discrete products

which has a 10% voucher


and this has a


So together you get 7 ports, 130W total for £83.73

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