UK - be wary of larger claimed discounts

Just a heads up to anyone thinking of posting a deal which isn’t.

Take for example this.

Observe the actual current price is identical, in this case 29.99 but Anker has altered the list price, changing it from 36.99 to 39.99 so one says it is 19% discount, other 25% discount.

So if you’re thinking of posting a 25% discount deal, it may be only 20% and not really a new worthwhile discount.

By altering the list price, they are altering the discount, to make the discount appear larger when it isn’t an actually larger discount. If Anker is rewriting history, they can make any discount they want and it is not real

So please ignore the claimed % discount, it is really just the actual current price, is it actually lower, and if you’re thinking of posting a deal, try to check if its a new lower price to not clutter this deals section. Thanks.

I got your back!