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USB Charger Anker 27W 4-Port USB Wall Charger PowerPort 4 Lite with Interchangeable UK and EU Plugs for iPhone X / iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 7 / 6 / 6 Plus / 7 Plus, Galaxy S8, iPad Air 2 / mini 3, Galaxy Note 3 and More
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[iPhone 8 Plus Case, iPhone 7 Plus Case, Anker KARAPAX Touch Case Matte Finish Flexible Soft TPU Cover Shell Skin [Support Wireless Charging] [Slim Fit] for iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 7 Plus - Black] (
Regular Price = £6.99
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If they made the charger also with US plug I’d buy it. Often need to fly between EU, UK, USA and one wall charger for them all would be brilliant. Currently I use the USA desktop chargers and carry the EU and UK plug adapters.

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It’s definitely a handy 4 way.
If only they could make every product like this. Several interchangeable plugs. We could all have Genie’s and Powerhouse’s etc

Important to know is wall chargers and adapters do not get along together, the wall charger only really works well when it is mated right up against the wall so it is only pulling down not out. As soon as you put an adapter on it is pulling out. Doesn’t matter so much if you are plugging into a UK socket as it has 3 pins which resists gravity better, but in US it will tend to fall out of the socket.

That is why when moving between these I have been forced to the Powerport5 type products desktop chargers as then the adapter only has to handle the weight of a bit of cable not a Powerport.

What a wall charger with swappable plug types is solve this problem. I am baffled why Anker thinks all a UK person does is go across the channel and that’s it… The US plug is just a flat pin version of EU plug, it is only a different pin shape.


Have you ever thought about using something like This

Why not in options, do…

Opt 1 USA plug
Opt 2 UK plug
Opt 3 international, with multiple plugs ? Just a thought, I mean you make the bits anyways.

What u think @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial

I have that touch case and using it on my iPhone 6s and at first i really didn’t like it but now it’s one of my favorite cases only regret i have is not choosing this touch case for the iPhone Plus when anker had that karpax contest at lest it’s not too expensive so i might purchase one in a few months

I really want the breeze case but they don’t sell it in the uk :thumbsdown:

Oh i have that case for the iPhone 7/8 Plus and I’m kinda debating if i should use that case or a clear case to show off my new iPhone when upgrade

I have been travelling internationally for 29 years.

The problem with that idea of an item is they have many moving parts and they do not last long. The idea of one with USB ports is relatively new but e.g. my tablet is 3A 5V input so I use the USB-C port on the Powerport5 USB-C or “rough it” with the 2.4A 5V of the Powerport4.

The advantage of that Anker UK travel charger is physical simplicity of the plug, it is reliant just on a bit of plastic and friction you are not pushing out mechanically the UK pins you are using static UK pins (physically simpler) which snap-in and make contact with the core unit (physically simpler).

The baffling thing is the shortsightedness of Anker, to add USA pins is a tiny effort, it is the same basic adapter as for EU but just flat pins instead of round pins.

I think Anker could sell in all countries this UK-only one which has just added the US pin 3rd slide-on option.

So sold with a set of 3 plugs.

Then it will cover the common move between EU, UK, USA. UK covers Ireland and a few other places. EU covers a lot and US covers US, Mexico, Canada and others.

Currently as the US pins are very compact, a UK adapter on a US plug is not that much larger than a UK plug but not in a wall charger as they just fall out in the wall charger format.

I might make up some photos of the realities and make a new thread…