(UK Amazon) Eufy Security Floodlight Camera £125.99

Hi, has anyone on here got one of these floodlight camera’s. I can’t seem to find and UK reviews. Really interested in one of these. Not sure I’m going to buy it on this deal but this price is half the price of the Ring equivalent.

Code = Security1

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What are they like? How good is the footage etc?


I got this in-app. Fair enough the app is free, however I don’t appreciate being targeted with ads after I’ve spend close to a small fortune on their products.

The thing I’m concerned about is mounting it. I don’t have a junction box to mount it on (seems more of a US thing), I want to mount it directly on to the wall - but it seems like the cables coming out the back prevent this?

My current floodlight mounts onto a bracket which is screwed into the eaves of our porch… The wires aren’t obstructed.

From the manual it looks like the UK version comes with an additional mounting box (circular to match the base of the device) - mine arrives today so I’ll be able to confirm later :slight_smile:


Sweet, where are you seeing the manual? Let me know ASAP so I can pull the trigger on my order :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Edit: This manual? https://d2211byn0pk9fi.cloudfront.net/spree/accessories/attachments/80320/Floodlight_Camera_Quick_Setup_Guide_AU_UK_EU.pdf?1569808988

You’re right - just ordered it. Hopefully the angle I intend to mount it at will be OK, giving their warning about the PIR.

Indeed that’s the one :slight_smile:

Postie arrives after midday so I’ll confirm.


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There maybe adverts that you are interested in though. :grin:

Yup - it does include a junction box as per the manual for the UK version.

Now for a cup of tea and read up the instructions :slight_smile:

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Looks great. Be sure to upload some footage (day and night) and your thoughts.
How well does it work with Alexa etc.
I’m excited for you :joy::joy:

Awesome, really excited to see it working… Let me know what your opinion on the PIR sensitivity is, apparently some concerns? Particularly about moving toward / away from PIR rather than across.

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Okay - so only had time yesterday to fix it to garage and carry out a basic setup before the light faded and the gong sounded for supper :slight_smile:

General impressions of packing and manual very good - also the product itself purely from a quality of design and materials/construction: very Apple-ish (I’ll put some coins in the swearbox).

Very impressed with the standard of in-app support on the phone. Didn’t need to use the help section but it seems quite comprehensive if you do.

Set up and wifi connection a breeze with a few heart stopping moments: the garage is 40 feet away from the back of the house, so was iffy about whether the floodlight would see the wifi signal. As it happened, it was my phone that struggled to keep connection - the floodlight is fine.

Tried a quick go with activity zones, because I want to avoid the large clump of shrubs in the centre of view.

The motion detection at peripheral zones 12-15 feet seems good but I think my upper central zone at 40 feet away is just too much to expect.

Not really an issue for me as I bought the EufyCam 2 kit at the same time and will use these cameras for the essential areas at the front and side of our quite long building. Thereafter will try the wired video doorbell as soon as it drops into Amazon UK (it’s listed there but ‘currently unavailable’)

As an aside - not sure I should be viewing the live feed when away: something larger than a mouse but smaller than a cat just scuttled across the drive and I’m hoping it’s not looking for a home!

The mic picks up everything - from birdsong to the neighbours’ car door slam - useful but again I shan’t be tempted to ‘listen in’ while here at work - you never know what people might be saying about you…:grinning:

Here’s a sample and my first attempt at activity zones - had to reduce sensitivity down from 5 to 4 this morning as the rain is triggering alerts.

Overall, your verdict is that it is good?

Mine arrived today, will probably set it up on the weekend if I can. My drive isn’t much longer than a car and a half, and 2.5 cars wide, so hopefully small enough area for the PIR to monitor.

I have a feeling the wired doorbell won’t be back in the UK. I don’t think they ever got the wiring sorted for EU. There is a wireless one coming out in the next few months.

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Yes - for now I’d say all looks good - the image quality certainly seems good enough for purpose and the night shots are decent enough too. Not had time to do proper testing on the motion testing - job for the weekend.

I’ll be fitting the 2 cams at the weekend too and will see how that goes.

I’ve been waiting for the Netatmo video doorbell since it was announced a year ago… I’ve a Netatmo thermostat and weather station and have been pleased with them. Key factor being you retain the original house chime.

So if the Eufy wired version doesn’t materialise I’ll plump for the Netatmo - assuming it becomes an actual, you know, product, like :slight_smile:

Hope all goes well with your floodlight install.


Excellent - thanks. I have the original cams (v1) and they’re very good, so I’m sure you’ll be pleased. Cheers for your help.

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This certainly looks good from the images and very clear too. That’s for the updates and info. Very interesting and will keep these on my radar for the future.

I had one installed yesterday the camera is ideal, good value, no monthly subscription.

I have the motion detector issue that I noticed on a US YouTube review but thought it would have been fixed. I have to get quite close to the camera to get it to work. Currently its not useful as a security camera as if anyone walks around the far side of my car it won’t detect any motion. When testing on the far left motion was detected but on the far right it wasn’t detecting. I have set up activity zones for all areas. I noticed the activity zones can only be set up only as squares. Custom shaped zones would be handy like Ring.

It would be good to be able to have custom notification sounds option within the eufy app as being on iOS I get the same notification sound for everything. Also I have a driveway light. The floodlight wont activate when that’s on. It would be good if the app has an option to allow for motion activated lights during a certain time period or from sunset to sunrise. Can see there is an option to have it continually on during these times so motion times should be able to customised. Hope the motion issue is sorted soon as this doesn’t really serve my needs at the moment. I may have to move it to the side of my house which has a smaller detection range. It will be good if the app is updated with more features/options soon.

Installed mine today. So far, so good, only been up an hour or so. Lights seem bright but will see what they’re really like later when it is dark.

Camera quality is good, really like the 3 second buffer. We have another camera overlooking the same area so this was mainly to get people’s faces as they approach the door, and the buffer really helps with that.

Offer still on? Tried yesterday & Amazon wouldn’t accept the code

Hi Vik285111, just wondering you still have problems with the motion detect?