UK 3ft C to Lightning cable £11 with voucher


Last time we saw this price was January. Small discount.


Every little helps @professor :+1:t2:

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Indeed. This is the lowest cost Anker C-L currently, bought 2 (voucher meant two orders).

Next is still waiting for two wireless pads discount. Then I’m done.


Cool. I’m sure the twin pack will reduce again soon.

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I dont know what my next purchase will be.
I was keen on the wireless powerbank but with the slow recharge time I’m not sure.
I think if i get over the disappointment, if i don’t win one, i’ll buy one.

I’d like to win one but for money I’d wait for the successor which is what they should have released first (18W PD in+out and 7.5W Qi).

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100%, but let’s say 10w wireless charging?

Possibly in a larger model - it’s heat dissipation problem.

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This is a nice (tempting) model from Samsung which seems to tick all the boxes.