UK 36% Off PowerPort Atom PD 2 Amazon Deal

£20 off brings this dual USBC output 60w GaN charger down to £34.99.

Take a look here if you’re interested,

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Bad link to wrong product Paul

You meant this one

This is the one where it’s 60W if use one port becomes two 30W if use both ports, so it’s kinda more useful to carry than the one port 60W as you can make a two port from it when required.

I’m expecting a speed bump across all products soon, it’s been months and 85W is likely next, these discounts clearing stock in advance.

Laptops which benefit from 60W usually won’t work at less than 45W so if they bumped this to higher you’d be in the territory it still charges laptop just slower when using 2nd port, then it becomes even more useful.


Good spot @professor
Must have exited before the link showed.

You’re an Android man aren’t you?
One things thats bugged me on my journey so far is the link copy option.
Let’s take Amazon App for example,
When i click the share option i don’t have an option to copy the link - to be able to paste elsewhere.
Most apps do, a few don’t.
I didn’t know if its a Samsung or Andriod thing and interested what options other users get.

Don’t use the Amazon app, use tab in chrome and just copy link. The apps is a weaker form of the web interface, uninstall!

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Fair point.
A link to the site saved as a desktop icon.
I might give it a whirl :+1:t2:
Have a great day @professor

One good thing about copying link from the Amazon App (at least on iOS App) is, it gets the Product Description as well as the Product URL link on Amazon, which saves time creating the deals as well as description is useful for users :wink:

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Ahh, that’s how your posts look so well presented.

Thank you, will take it as a compliment ! :star_struck:

Your correct, It does @Shenoy. I always remove the Amazon blurb :rofl:

I look at it as it’s on Amazon already, so brief points should be enough for someone to make a decision whether they want to click the link for further info - as above.

But as @professor highlighted earlier, it always helps to paste the correct link :man_facepalming:t2:

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