UK 31% Off PowerLine II USBC to Lightning Amazon Deal

Here’s a great price on this USBC to Lightning cable.
Apple MFI certified and Power Delivery.
£2 already off plus a £3 voucher brings this cable down to £10.99.

Take a look here,


I noticed that, but didn’t post as we seen this discount before so not notable. I bought the 4 C-L cables, two of this type for the same £11 price as today. That’s all the C-L cables I will need ever. What is new is they are making the red cable the same price, usually black is cheapest, last time white was cheapest.

The comparable C-C cable is about £3 less. Apple tax! :frowning: I’ll do my best to keep Lightning ports existence as low as I can.

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Apple tax…never! :thinking:

The other deal today the Powerline II+, you get a more durable cable for £1 more, so you buy fewest cables and pay the least to the Greedy Gremlin of Palo Alto.

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