UK 30% Off PowerPort III Nano Amazon Deal

Heres a great deal on the 20w Nano.
30% off voucher brings this minuture marvel down to £11.89.


Nice deal Paul hope you’re having a great day


Thanks Kaitlyn.
Have a great day thanks, hope you are too.
Well done on your recent win, enjoy :+1:t2:

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Very good price, the sort of charger everyone should own at least a couple. I have 3! I keep one in my EDC bag.

Based on what has been selling in China this last month, I’m expecting a 30W version not much bigger in next 1-2 months. Basically a much smaller version of the existing 30W.

Then 33W version…

Anker seems to about 2-3 months after the other brands, so expect these June from Anker, is my best guess.

The UK version of the Nano 18W (now 20W) used a more efficient design than the original USA Nano, and that design is now in the Chinese / USA 30W then 33W.


Great find @paulstevenewing soon to become a household favourite.

Hope all is well.


All good thanks mate, extremely busy as my lack of presence here shows, but all good.
How about yourself @TheSnarkyOne?


I can relate, back to office 3 weeks back, so with commute time, a lot less for other activities.

Keeping well otherwise. Never a shortage of good Cadbury chocolate here at Easter time…

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