UK 30% Off Motion+ Speaker Amazon Limited a Time Deal

Grab a decent saving on this well reviewed speaker.
£30 off brings this down to £69.99.
12hr playtime, customisable EQ and 30w!


Great deal on Motion+ :clap:

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Cheers @Shenoy
I hope you’ve had a great week.

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@paulstevenewing It has been a very busy week and now looking forward to a peaceful weekend :wink:

few hours more and relaxation…

Hope things are going good at your side!

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Glad all is well mate. A busy week makes the weekends all the more important to relax and enjoy a bit of life.

All well here’s too thanks, I’ve just clocked off for the week and sitting in the garden with a cold one :beer:

Nice speaker, I’m tempted.
The standard Soundcores I have are great but bet this is on another level!

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Great discount!!! :clap::clap::clap:

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Thanks @SimonJones @Daiross


It’s been that price for quite some time…

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