UK 30% Off HomeVac H11 Cordless Amazon Deal

Heres a great discount, not its best discount but very close.
Now £34.99 while voucher lasts.


I mentioned this to Mrs Geek and was told not worth bothering with as don’t do a good enough job?

I was thinking easier to grab this for small messes than dig out the full machine from under stairs and plug in.

Anyone own this?

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Yep, purchased a few months after release (at a similar price, maybe £5 more?).

Okay for small jobs, light pickup, anything more ingrained needs more suction power. Recently switched to another for the car for better suction and battery life (one batt for all).

Would be curious to see how the latest version fairs though…but the price still seems o; the high end (for the latest model).


Not a thing I would need, but of course I am a tiny minority! :grin:

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