UK 28% Off Nebula Capsule Amazon Deal

Here’s a double discount with 15% off already plus an additional 15% available.
That brings this portable projector down to £288.99.


obligatory check Paul’s not f’d up link


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The easier method…

Look for the green discount symbol :grin:

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Getting these links correct is ruining my prospects here…
I’ll will do better next time :upside_down_face:

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Any idea why some links stay as links while others show the item image and name in a box? @professor @ndalby
Is it an Amazon thing or this site?
I copy and paste link in the same way each time. :thinking:

A degree of random but I’ve noticed there is background process “system” which replaces and modifies in two steps.

When you first paste a link in a draft post, it grabs the metadata then (image, etc) one time only when it detects a link has been posted. If you then edit the link (say replace) it seems to not always re-do the grab of metadata.

Then there is a post-post edit to replace some of the metadata. That last one sometimes is slower / never.

Interestingly is the that first scan is a security hole being done by spammers actively now. To stop a link being scanned to an obvious bad place, they don’t post a link, they save it, then go back and edit the link. That edit doesn’t then re-scan so it is just a link (no metadata).

They then got better and don’t even post a link, it’s raw HTML now with colour font changed, but that’s a different story…

The most consistent reliable seems to be get a perfect correct link, paste the link, wait… then post.

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Normally its due to OpenGraph tags in the coding

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So if that is true, then the same URL will look the same whoever and whenever it’s pasted?

Experiment, paste the above link see if same (it was, try a simpler one)

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Here’s a go at reposting the link…

And the link @ndalby shared…

Interestingly, this post was done copying the URL rather that using the share button to copy the link!
Which you would assume does the same thing!

Well it was spam :laughing:

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So if that was auto flagged when it linked to harmless (existing link) … why didn’t the other one…

Oh well.

Edit: ahh yes wasn’t automated.

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Not oft to see projectors discounted, nice find @paulstevenewing

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Anything for you @TheSnarkyOne :wink:

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