UK 27% Off PowerCore 26800 Amazon Limited Time Deal

Here’s a huge capacity PowerCore with a decent discount.
3 USB A outputs and 2 USB Micro inputs and 26800mah capacity.
Dual inputs means quicker charge times which is important for a PowerCore of this size.
£14 off brings the price down to £36.99. Not the cheapest
It’s ever been, but a good price none the less.


Nice discount!


This has a bigger capacity then mine, but I like the usb-c on mine.


Horses for courses i guess.
As you know i have the 20000 PD too and rarely used the USBA port. I’m trying to move all my chargers to USBC.
Hope you’re well, haven’t seen you about in a while.

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Awesome to hear from you.
Everything is ok thanks. Work has just been so demanding I’ve barely had time to catch up with friends and family let alone log on.
I’ve got a few days off so thought I’d log on and see what’s going on.

I like the look of that Nano charger, I’ve entered the survey thing for a chance to win one. I won’t hold my breath, I’m not normally lucky in that sort of thing.

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Hey @SimonJones glad all is well mate.
I have a Nano and love it. Really handy charger.
I’ve entered the survey too but ill keep my fingers crossed for you.

Enjoy your time off :+1:t2:

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Oldie but a goodie.


I have the 20000 PD and the 18W Nano, ditto and like both.

But this 26800 can do a couple of things the 20000 PD can’t. It can recharge 3 things at once vs 2 things with 30W vs 15W, it can input 20W vs 18W so it recharges in 6h vs 6.7hr, even though it has more capacity, so its still technically superior in some aspects.