UK 25% Off PowerCore Astro E1 5200 Amazon Deal

Here’s a deal bringing this small capacity PowerCore down to a more sensible price for those wanting something a little more compact.
25% brings this down to £11.19.


Grrr, moan, bring back the Powercore II 6700, 2A input and output.


I’m still using mine as an EDC in my winter jacket.

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Neat little charger.
The Astro E1 6700 still seems to be kicking around, think that’s quite old and lower output.

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Maybe clearing stock before they retire it?

Nice share, thanks @paulstevenewing

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Quite likely @TheSnarkyOne

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Anker has a history of inscrutable history of ending of products, some old ones never die when newer better ones die.


Nice deal @paulstevenewing

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Thanks @Ice1
Hope all is well with you today.