UK 25% Off Liberty Neo Upgraded Amazon Deal

Here’s a sensible discount off these highly rated buds.
25% knocks £11.74 off and brings the price down to £35.24.


That’s a nice discount


Isn’t it just @ikari04warrior :+1:t2:

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Nice discount for a great wireless earbuds :ok_hand:


Certainly is @Daiross :+1:t2:

Nice discount.

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Thanks @Duane_Lester
Hope you are safe and well.

Nice deal @paulstevenewing hope you and yours are managing okay with latest restrictions

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Hey @TheSnarkyOne
All going well with us, thanks for asking.
Debs is happily working from home and I’m office based.
The new lockdown measures won’t effect us that much, but will effect others more.
The government declared it will be one month only which is reassuring.
How about you mate?

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Pretty good, we seen a spike of cases here of late, averaging 40 or so a day for the past week. Just waiting for word of a lockdown.

Had a couple gatherings that shouldn’t have been…

My work has been steady in office, and my wife splits time between home and office, nothing too bad.

Just in midst of a snow storm, expecting about 10-15 inches by Monday.

Made some snowmen today with the kids, as it was -2c this morning. Quite nice out.

Monday should be a treat to drive into work.

Cheers @paulstevenewing

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Glad you and the missus work is stable currently, thats good news.
I jealous of your snow @TheSnarkyOne
We love snowy weather, many don’t, but we make the most of it and have fun.
Stay safe.

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